Need-Based and Non-Need-Based State Grants per Undergraduate Student over Time

State grant aid per full-time equivalent undergraduate student rose for the fifth consecutive year in 2016-17, to $820—an increase of $120 (17%) since 2011-12.

Figure 23A: Need-Based and Non-Need-Based State Grants per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Undergraduate Student in 2016 Dollars, 1976-77 to 2016-17

Notes & Sources 

NOTE: Percentages displayed represent percentages of total undergraduate state grant aid for which students’ financial circumstances were considered.

SOURCE: National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs (NASSGAP) Annual Survey, 1976-77 to 2016-17, Tables 1 and 12.

  • In 1981-82 and earlier years, virtually all state grant aid was based on students’ financial circumstances. The share that was need-based declined gradually to a low of 71% in 2010-11. From 2013-14 through 2016-17, 76% of state grant aid was need-based.