Federal Aid per Recipient by Program over Time in Current and Constant Dollars

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The number of undergraduates declined by 2.6 million (10%) between 2011-12 and 2017-18.The number of Pell Grant recipients declined by 2.4 million (26%) over these six years.

Table 5: Number of Recipients, Total Awards and Aid per Recipient for Federal Aid Programs in Current Dollars and in 2017 Dollars, 1976-77 to 2017-18

Notes & Sources 

NOTES: The latest available data for education tax benefits are for calendar year 2016. FSEOG and FWS amounts represent federal funds only. Institutions provide matching funds so the awards that students receive under these programs are larger than these federal aid amounts. Perkins Loans are made from revolving funds on campus. No new federal outlays have been provided since 2005-06, but originally the funds came partly from the federal government and partly from institutional sources.

SOURCES: See Notes & Sources for a list of sources for data included in Table 5.