CollegeBoard Drupal Site Installed!

This site contains a host of modules and theme tools to build and configure CollegeBoard sub sites. Some of these modules can not be enabled during install and must manually be turned on in the modules page.

New modules specific to this site should be installed through the modules page and will show up in the "sites/all/modules" directory. Libraries for this site should be installed in "sites/all/libraries".

The 960 grid overlay and debugging blocks can be turned off at the theme settings page. Blocks should be configured in the context page. New content should be created through the create content workbench page or this page can be edited through the default workbench page

The New Media team is reponsible for all updates to the modules that are installed as part of this install profile, and site/project specific modules and libraries are primarily the responsibility of the project team to keep up to date unless a prior agreement is made with the New Media project managers.