Job Satisfaction by Education Level, 2008

Individuals with higher levels of education are more likely to be very satisfied with their jobs and to report that the most important job characteristics for them are that their work seems important and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Figure 1.9a: Job Satisfaction Rates Among Employed Individuals Ages 25 and Older, by Education Level, 2008

Figure 1.9a: Job Satisfaction by Education Level, 2008

Notes & Sources 

Note: Includes individuals ages 25 and older who were working full-time or part-time at the time of the survey.

Sources: National Opinion Research Center, 2008; calculations by the authors.

  • In 2008, about 58% of college graduates and individuals with some college education or an associate degree reported being very satisfied with their jobs, while 50% of high school graduates and 40% of individuals without a high school diploma reported being very satisfied.