Percentage of All Public Enrollment in Two-Year Colleges by State, 2016

Overall, two-year colleges, some of which offer a limited number of bachelor’s degrees, accounted for 43% of the public FTE undergraduate enrollment in 2016. In seven states, this share was 50% or more; in another seven states, it was less than 25%.

Figure 22B: Percentage of All Public Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Undergraduate Enrollment in Two-Year Institutions by State, Fall 2016

Notes & Sources 

NOTES: Two-year institutions are defined as institutions where more than 50% of degrees/certificates awarded are associate degrees or certificates, even if they award some bachelor’s degrees. Students who are not included in the percentages reported in Figure 22B are enrolled in public four-year colleges and universities.

SOURCES: NCES, IPEDS Fall Enrollment data, 2006 and 2016; calculations by the authors.