Total Student Aid by Source and Type

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In 2012-13, federal loans constituted 43% of the $238.5 billion in financial aid for postsecondary students.

Figure 2: Total Student Aid by Source and Type (in Billions), 2012-13
Notes & Sources 

NOTE:  Percentages may not sum to 100 and components may not sum to total because of rounding. See Notes and Sources for a list of programs included in federal grant programs.  Nonfederal loans are not included because they involve no subsidy and are not actually a form of financial aid.

SOURCE: Table 1.

  • Federal grants constituted 20% and grants from other sources contributed 29% of the financial aid used by undergraduate and graduate students combined.
  • The $1 billion in Federal Work-Study funds constituted less than 1% of all student aid in 2012-13.