Tuition and Fees and Room and Board over Time

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After increases as high as 9.5% beyond inflation in 2009-10 and 6.5% in 2010-11, average published tuition and fee prices for full-time in-state students at public four-year institutions increased by less than 1% in real terms in 2013-14, and again in 2014-15.

Table 2: Average Tuition and Fees and Room and Board in Current Dollars and in 2014 Dollars, 1971-72 to 2014-15 (Enrollment-Weighted)

Table 2 represents Tuition and Fees and Room and Board over Time. For a corresponding Section 508-compliant data table, see

Notes & Sources 

SOURCES: The College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges; NCES, IPEDS.

  • Average published in-state tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities increased by 21% beyond the rate of inflation over the five years from 2004-05 to 2009-10, and by another 17% between 2009-10 and 2014-15.
  • The 10% real increase in average published tuition and fees at private nonprofit four-year institutions from 2009-10 to 2014-15 compares to a 13% real increase over the previous five years.
  • Average published in-district tuition and fees at public two-year colleges increased by 9% in inflation-adjusted dollars, from $2,615 (in 2014 dollars) in 2004-05 to $2,842 in 2009-10, and by another 18% to $3,347 in 2014-15.